Wren (Troglodytes)

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The Wren is a shy little bird that likes to hide in the undergrowth, but has a surprisingly loud voice.

This tiny bird has mottled brown plumage, characterised by its cocked tail and very small neck. It is a small dumpy bird with long legs and toes, but with a very loud song!


Very common and widespread throughout the entire country including the islands. The Wren is resident all year round in the UK.


Anywhere with dense low cover.


The male wren builds several well hidden nests, usually domed and made of moss, and the female chooses one nest and lines it with feathers before laying her eggs. She lays up to 10 or 12 white eggs with reddish spots.


Insects such as flies, spiders, woodlice and aphids are the main food source of Wrens, they will rarely come to garden feeders but they may be attracted by live mealworms. Dense low cover and open fronted nest boxes also help to attract them to the garden.

Population Trends

They are one of our most common birds with over eight million pairs breeding each year.