Vine House Farm - Community

The Vine House Farm Community section is where you can get involved. Post questions on our forum, upload your own photos, enter competitions and lots more.

Vine House Farm Forum

Our new Forum allows you to ask questions, make comments, share experiences and raise issues about feeding garden birds and other wildlife. All you need to do to take part is register! And please do get involved, as what our customers say is not only important to us, but to other customers as well.


Also in our Community section, we have a wide range of bird photographs taken by Nicholas Watts, the owner of Vine House Farm. You might think that he doesn’t have time to take fabulous shots of birds along with running a 2000 acre farm, a bird food business and daily conservation work to ensure decades of effort are maintained and developed, but he does and the answer to how is a simple one: he gets up at first light every morning!

You can also upload your own photos to our gallery. Why not share what species you've seen in your area.