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Help and advice for feeding wild birds

Feeding the birds in your garden is fun, rewarding and makes a huge difference to bird population levels. However, what you feed, when you feed and how you feed birds has a large bearing on the species you attract, in what numbers and how safe they are in your garden.

Our new video provides a comprehensive guide to feeding the birds in your garden. Containing delightful footage of common and less common species, this video should entertain both newcomers and the most knowledgeable. Different types of food and feeders are demonstrated, and how they can be combined and best positioned in order to attract specific species. Also highlighted is the importance of feeder hygiene, and the best feeders for keeping out squirrels.

Our help and advice pages cover every possible subject related to feeding garden birds, from what foods to use, how to feed them, how to attract different species, risks from predators and what you can do to minimise these risks, how to keep squirrels off your feeders, and, very importantly, how you can ensure you keep feeders and feeding areas clean and hygienic and therefore help ensure the health of your garden birds. We think we've covered every subject, but if there's a question you have then please don't hesitate to contact us through the Forum section or via our Facebook page.