Vine House Farm - Meet the Vine House Farm Team

Put faces to the names and meet the Vine House Farm Team. We are a multi-skilled bunch but we do all specialise in certain areas of the business so here's a rundown of what we all do.

We are always happy to help so if you have a query simply give us a call on 01775 630208 or send us an email and we’ll do our best to help.

Management Team

Nicholas Watts – Nicholas is the owner of Vine House Farm and has been running the farm since 1966. Nicholas is passionate about wildlife and in1982 he decided to do a breeding bird survey on the farm and has done so every year since 1982. In 1992 on a wet summer’s day he decided to analyse his findings with staggering results; Skylarks had declined by 60% and Corn Buntings had declined by 90% in just 10 years. In 1993 Nicholas started growing crops on set-aside land especially for the birds to harvest over the winter months. In 1994 there were so many birds feeding in these areas Nicholas decided to open the farm to the public to come and have a look with all donations going to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. People began asking if they could buy the seed he was feeding the birds and Vine House Farm Birds Foods was born.

Lucy – Lucy is Nicholas’ second daughter. After finishing a Degree in Agriculture she decided to come back home and work on the family farm that she grew up on and is passionate about. Lucy has been working at Vine House Farm for 6 years and in that time she has developed the bird seed mixes and introduced new products into the business. Lucy is never seen working alone; she always has her loyal companion Polly at her side.

Robert – Robert is the Farm Manager of Vine House Farm who manages the growing of all the bird seed crops and potatoes. Robert married Nicholas’ eldest daughter Joanna.

Office Team

David – Mail Order and Customer Services

Jackie – Mail Order, Customer Services and Wholesale orders

Liz – Marketing

Marion – Farm Secretary

Shop Team

Laurence – Farm Shop Manager and Customer Services

Joanna – Joanna is Nicholas’ eldest daughter who works part time in the farm shop and office.

Tracey – Tracey works in the shop at weekends and office during busy periods in the week.

Christina – Christina is an agricultural student who works in the shop at weekends and helps on the farm from time to time.

Ellen - Ellen works in the shop at the weekends and the office during busy periods.

Dispatch Team

Tony – Manager of the Bird Seed Store. Tony is responsible for mixing and dispatching the bird seed orders taken online and by telephone.

Steven – Steven helps Tony and also works on the farm when required. He also cleans the seeds we use in our seed mixes before they enter our bird food warehouse to ensure you receive the best possible quality bird food.

The Farm Staff

The farm staff grow and look after the bird seed crops grown on the farm. Without their expert knowledge the quality of the seed you receive would not be what it is. At Vine House Farm we pride ourselves on quality and locally grown produce and this would not be possible without these people:

Neil – Neil is the drillman and combine driver. He harvests all of the seeds we grow on the farm needed to go into the bird seed mixes.

Alan – Plough man

Michael – Spray man

Crocket – Helps with the bird seed and potato harvest

Twaite – Helps with the bird seed and potato harvest

Although the farm staff are given the task of growing and harvesting the seeds needed in the bird seed mixes they also help out in the bird seed warehouse when times are busy.

Farm Pets

Polly – Polly is Lucy’s loving companion who is a highly trained pest catcher. You always know that if Polly is in the yard Lucy is not far away. Loved by many of our farm shop customers.

Chilli – Chilli is Robert and Joanna's newly trained hound, whose character is boundless.