Bird Feeders by Vine House Farm

It is not just the selection of food that is important in determining which species of bird you attract to your garden it is also the type of feeder used. There are many different types of bird feeders, including those designed to hold peanuts or suet pellets, those designed to hold seed or seed mixes, others for the tiny niger seed, a special type to hold suet blocks, plus a whole range to keep squirrels and larger birds out but still allow small garden birds in to feed. There's also a range of ground feeders suitable for ground feeding birds which are suitable for foods like sunflower hearts, suet pellets and husk-free mixes.

Seed Feeders

seed feeder

Seeds and seed mixes are usually fed from a hanging feeder and we have a superb range of high quality seed feeders.

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Niger Feeders

Goldfinches on Onyx Niger Seed Feeder

Niger seed needs a special niger seed feeder as the tiny seed would simply flow out the ports of a seed feeder.

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Peanut Feeders

Peanut feeder

Peanuts should be fed from a mesh peanut feeder, as whole peanuts can cause birds to choke.

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Suet Feeders

Blue Tits enjoy suet fat ball from a fat ball feeder ring

Suet-based foods for birds have become increasingly popular in recent years. View our range of quality suet and fat feeders.

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Bird Tables

Wooden Bird Table

Some species of bird can't use hanging feeders so the answer is our range of quality ground feeders and bird tables.

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Live Food Feeders

Robin and Sparrow on Window Live Food Feeder

Live bird food should be fed from a special feeder to ensure the live bird food can't wriggle away.

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