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Bird Care

Looking after your garden birds doesn’t just stop at providing bird feeders to feed them. For your garden to become a true haven for birds, offering a source of clean water by putting out a bird bath will help. Bird boxes are also an integral part of wild bird care, providing a suitably sited nest box is a great way of encouraging a suitable breeding area. Bird feeder and garden hygiene is also part of our garden bird care range.

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Nest Boxes & Bird Houses

We stock a wide range of bird houses and nest boxes to help encourage birds to make your garden their home. We have different nest box types for different species, everything from sparrow boxes to nests suitable for Swifts and Swallows. Our nest boxes and bird houses are made from sustainable wood or Woodcrete so they are safe and well insulated.

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Bird Baths

Often overlooked, a suitable bird bath and source of clean water for garden birds is just as important as providing food. Birds require a source of water not only for drinking, but bathing too, as keeping their feathers clean is essential for flying. Our range of bird baths can suit different gardens and budgets.

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Bird bath and bird feeder hygiene is an essential part of garden bird feeding. In order to maintain your garden bird feeding areas, we provide a range of bird feeding hygiene products for cleaning bird feeders, bird baths and other surfaces. This is an essential step in helping reduce the spread of potentially harmful diseases.

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