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Suet Logs & Sticks

Suet Logs are made from the same basic ingredients as our Suet Blocks, with Jumbo Suet Sticks made from the same ingredients as our Less Mess Value Suet blocks – making them easier to handle in hot weather as they won’t melt. There are two types of feeder to be used for the Suet Logs. The first is the Suet Log Feeder, which has holes in the vertical column which the logs can be pushed into. The second is the Suet Log Feeder Basket, with this being especially easy to use as the logs just drop into its own compartment. The Jumbo Suet Sticks can be fed from the Jumbo Suet Stick Feeder. As with all suet-based products, both Suet Logs and Suet Sticks are especially liked by long-tailed tits, blue tits, great tits and coal tits. Ground feeding birds such as robin and blackbird will also eat both products if they’re placed on a bird table or ground feeder.
  • Jumbo Suet Sticks

    Jumbo Suet Sticks


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  • Suet Logs

    Suet Logs

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    • Box of 36
    • 2 x Box of 36