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Birds struggle to find worms due to dry weather

Live mealworms are of course an ideal form of insect. Blackbirds, Thrushes and Starlings also like mealworms but they also do very well on soaked sultanas or raisins. It is a lot cheaper to feed them on sultanas than mealworms. Blackbirds, Thrushes and Starlings normally bring their first brood off easily because the ground is still soft and the worms are near the top but this year the worms are deep down due to the dry weather and they are struggling to find worms so you can help them by giving them some soaked raisins but make sure dogs cannot get at them as they are poisonous to dogs in big quantities.

Why are the birds short of food?

It is because we have altered the environment? Every car is a fly swatter, our gardens are less diverse than they used to be and every time we spray on the farm if we are not killing insects we are starving them, starving them maybe by killing the plant species that they feed on or even killing the fungal disease in our crops that some of the smaller insects live on. There are very few weeds in our crops and so very few weed seeds for the Finches to feed their young on.