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In Season

It’s starting to feel very spring like in the Farm Shop with some of our favourite fruit & vegetables beginning to make a welcome return. First to arrive is British rhubarb, an unmistakable taste of spring & perfect in a crumble. Look out for spring greens too, as good looking as it is good for you, a squeaky-leaved spring green cabbage is a thing of beauty and vitality. Less boring than broccoli, these bundles of green goodness are the ideal antidote to the months of heavier winter cooking. They taste sweeter and fresher than the robust, hearted cabbages we associate with winter, so they are great for lighter spring and summer recipes.

Home Grown

Savoy & January King Cabbages, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Leeks, Kale, Cauliflowers, Horseradish & of course our sacks of potatoes!

Get the breeding season off to a good start by feeding Live Mealworms

Live meal worms can be a hugely important wild bird food, especially in the fledgling season because natural food such as insects and caterpillars are often in short supply. Live mealworms are made up of 40% protein and 40% fat and have a high percentage of moisture which is vital for nesting birds. Dried mealworms offer all the same fat and protein as live mealworms, but without the wriggle!

Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Boiled or steamed, these colourful spears make an excellent side dish tossed in butter or oil. Or serve them in a sauce with pasta or as a starter, covered in hollandaise.

Coming up...
Next Month
Lovely local lamb & if the weather is kind to us the Asparagus season should start around 23rd April (St George’s Day)