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Celebrating 10 years of support for The Wildlife Trusts

August saw the tenth anniversary of our relationship with The Wildlife Trusts, with the more important number being how much we’ve given to them from our sales over the decade: over £1,250,000. We say ‘we’ve given’ but actually it’s you - our customers - who have, because up to 5% of the value of every order you’ve placed has typically gone to your local Wildlife Trust.

When the relationship with The Wildlife Trusts first started back in 2007, from our side the motivation was very much driven by our broad philosophy of doing business in a way that also benefits wildlife and the environment – so not just about making a profit. It was this type of thinking which got Nicholas started with the bird food business back in 1996, and indeed it remains to this day central to how we operate and plan for the future.

A question we’re sometimes asked is is the money from each sale which goes to The Wildlife Trusts  just added to our prices. Well we can say categorically that it isn’t, and a measure of this is the fact that our prices are some of the lowest in the market – something we recently verified when we surveyed a large sample of our competitors. So how can we afford to, on the face of it, be so generous but still turn a profit and therefore operate as a successful business? There are a number of reasons for this but the key ones are: growing a good proportion of our own seed and therefore cutting out the middleman; operating entirely from our own farm; and the simple fact that we’re a family owned and run business which chooses not to be greedy.

So now we look forward to another ten years of supporting The Wildlife Trusts, as nothing has changed in our philosophy of how to do business – and never will.