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News from the Farm

Stonechats must have had quite a good year as I have been seeing pairs and singles quite often on the farm during October.

Goldfinches are busy feeding on the teasels and Burdocks that grow on our uncut margins.

The wet weather had a diverse effect on our wheat harvest this year

Due to the wet summer, our crops are very lush and are in no hurry to ripen

June was far too wet for us with potatoes being the main concern.

Our sunflowers were sown this month, ready for their August display - weather permitting

We have had so many dry days all our sugar beet was drilled in March and potatoes planted

Good weather has helped us get on with our spring drilling

The early Spring weather was lovely while it lasted, but unseasonal weather is no good to farmers.

We've been out drilling Spring Barley - unusual for this time of year

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