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Chopped Peanuts

These small pieces of peanut have all the same benefits of whole peanuts such as being rich in fat and protein, but with the added benefit that they can be fed in ways which allow softbill species such as Robin, Blackbird and Dunnock to also eat them.

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Chopped Peanuts

  • Bird Table

    Suitable for feeding on the ground or on a table

  • Seed Feeder

    Feed from a seed feeder

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Which birds eat Chopped Peanuts?

Virtually all garden birds will eat chopped peanuts if they are fed to them in an appropriate way – see below.

What are the best ways to feed Chopped Peanuts to birds?

Chopped Peanuts are best fed on a bird table or ground feeder, as this will allow ground feeding birds such as Robin, Dunnock, Blackbird and Collared dove to easily eat them. Finches including Chaffinch and Greenfinch will also happily settle on a bird table or ground feeder to feast on peanut granules. Birds such as Great tit and Blue tit which would feed on whole peanuts fed via a mesh peanut feeder, will also feed on a bird table or ground feeder. The peanut granules can also be fed from a hanging seed feeder, though in damp conditions they do have a tendency to clog-up the feeder.