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Coniston Bird Bath

A 49cm diameter bird bath with either a short stem or long stem, made from durable Clayplas, a mix of recycled plastic and clay.

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Coniston Bird Bath

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What do birds use bird baths for?

Both for drinking and bathing. Drinking becomes more important to garden birds when the weather is relatively hot, but also because the sort of foods we put out for them such as peanuts, sunflower hearts and suet pellets, where the moisture content is negligible. Bathing is more important to some species of garden than others: for example Starlings will often bathe more than once a day, but generally speaking, it's important to them to help maintain the condition of plumage and specifically flight feathers.

Are any particular types of bird bath more suited to certain birds?

Not really, though as a general rule a decent size bird bath is preferable as it allows larger species such as Wood pigeon to also bathe.

Where is the best place to put a bird bath?

Ideally a fairly open location is best, so away from undergrowth where a cat could hide and pounce. This is particularly important for ground-level bird baths.

How do you keep a bird bath clean?

Our Ark Klens Feeder Disinfectant is the best cleaning product to use, though note that it is essential that you thoroughly rinse the bird bath with clean water to remove any of the disinfectant before refilling it. A small washing up brush or sponge with a scouring pad is ideal to use with the disinfectant.

How often do I need to clean a bird bath?

This largely depends on the level of usage, but certainly once a week as a minimum. What actually helps keep the bird bath clean is regular use, as, for example, a group of Starlings will pretty much empty it with their manic bathing technique, which is a great spectacle for any garden bird lover. When you refill the bath though, firstly rinse out any residues of dirty water if you're not intending to give it a full clean.