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Brushwood Hedgehog House

A shelter for hedgehogs, the Brushwood Hedgehog House has a short entrance tunnel, with a steel frame covered with a waterproof felt lining. The house can be pegged down for extra security with tent pegs or similar.

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Hedgehog House

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What's the difference between this hedgehog house and the wooden hedgehog houses?

Essentially it's just the material it is made from, with this making it considerably cheaper than the wooden hedgehog house.

What time of year can I expect to find Hedgehogs living in this product?

Any time of year, with perhaps a breeding pair of hedgehogs using it in the spring, but if empty then perhaps a young hedgehog taking in the summer, or it being used for hibernation (which can be intermittent if the weather turns mild) in the winter months

Where is the best place to put a Hedgehog house?

Ideally situated in a quiet and sheltered area of the garden and covered with leaves or other foliage, as this replicates the sort of more natural site a hedgehog would use. Never move the house if hedgehogs are living in it. If you attempt this, then chances are the hedgehogs will stop using it. So the key thing here is to ensure that where you place the house initially is somewhere that it can remain indefinitely

How do I attract Hedgehogs to the house and encourage them to use it?

Putting food and water close to the entrance is the best way, with our own Hedgehog Food an ideal mix

Do I need to occasionally clean the Hedgehog house out?

It's not essential, though it can be done pre-breeding season and pre-hibernation. However, it is vital that you firstly check there are no hedgehogs in the house first - if there are then just leave it as is.