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Red Millet

We grow all our Red Millet right here at Vine House Farm and by feeding it on the farm we have attracted over 200 Tree Sparrows.

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Red Millet

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What is Red Millet Seed?

Red millet is a variety from the wider millet group, which are small seeded grasses and are widely planted as a crop for human and livestock consumption in semi-arid areas of Africa and Asia. Red millet is high in vitamin B and a good source of various minerals. 

How is Red Millet Seed grown and harvested?

Red millet is sown with our regular drill that we use for most of our other crops that we combine. It doesn’t like the cold weather so we drill it in April to reduce the risk of it being caught by the frost. It is drilled into a fine seedbed to give it the best chance of growing immediately, and we then look after it in much the same way as other crops. We harvest it in September with the combine, and it is always ready before the white millet. When it’s ready we need to be quick to harvest it as windy weather will knock the seed out of the seed heads and onto the ground. We then dry and store it in our sheds much like other seed crops, as we need to ensure that it is at a suitably low moisture level. We then clean it before it is packed for bird seed.

What makes Red Millet Seed different to your White Millet product?

It’s simply a different variety of millet, with the visual difference being the obvious colour. Nutritional value of red and white millet is very similar, though it’s fair to say that red millet is a more specialist feed as it tends to be mainly eaten by Tree Sparrows.  

Which birds eat Red Millet Seed?

Tree Sparrows are the main species which eat red millet, and certainly making the seed readily available in your garden is a great way to attract the species if they’re present in your area of the country. Red Milletis also eaten by Reed Buntings and Chaffinches.

How do I feed Red Millet Seeds to birds?

Red Millet is suitable for seed feeders, bird tables and ground feeders.If fed on its own, then our Millet Feeder is ideal