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Sunflower Heart Chips

A popular addition to our sunflower seed bird food range, these broken pieces of Sunflower Heart Seeds are oil rich and nutritious just like our Sunflower Hearts

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Sunflower Heart Chips

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    Suitable for feeding on the ground or on a table

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    Feed from a seed feeder

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What are Sunflower Heart Chips and how are they produced?

Sunflower Seed Chips are simply broken and small pieces of Sunflower Hearts, which are produced when the husk is taken off the Black Sunflower Seed.

What are the benefits of Sunflower Heart Chips over whole Sunflower Seeds or Hearts?

The small pieces of Sunflower Heart mean that certain species of softbill, and notably Dunnocks and Robins, are more easily able to eat the food compared to whole Sunflower Hearts. As with Sunflower Hearts, Sunflower Heart Chips leave far less waste compared to Black Sunflower Seeds. 

What birds eat Sunflower Seed Chips?

All the species which eat Sunflower Hearts will also eat Sunflower Seed Chips, however, Dunnocks and Robins will find it easier to eat the smaller pieces. 

How do I feed Sunflower Heart Chips to birds?

The best way to feed Sunflower Heart Chips is on a table, ground feeder or directly onto the ground. This is because smaller soft bill species which favour the food, such as Dunnocks and Robins, are essentially ground feeders and therefore won’t normally go onto hanging feeders (though Robins sometimes will). The Chips can be fed from a hanging seed feeder for finches, though the small pieces do have a tendency to get clogged in a feeder in damp conditions. Ideally then, it’s best to feed Sunflower Chips in the ways suggested above, then use whole Sunflower Hearts from a hanging seed feeder as well.