London Wildlife Trust

London Wildlife Trust

London Wildlife Trust is a charity that exists to conserve nature across the capital.

As a leading voice for London’s wildlife, we aim to protect, restore and create wild places for nature, connect people with nature and encourage Londoners to stand up for nature.

With the help of our 1,500 volunteers and 8,500 members, we take care of 37 nature reserves which cover a range of habitats including grassland, wetland and woodland.

Founded 1981, London Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts across the UK which collectively form The Wildlife Trusts.

Our vision is a London alive with nature, where everyone can experience and enjoy wildlife.


“Feeding wild birds is a perfect way to look after your local wildlife, whether it be in your garden, on your balcony or from your window. Our partnership with Vine House Farm Bird Foods, who have been inspiring people to look after wild birds for over ten, is one that we’re very proud of and has raised more than £20,000 for the Trust.”

- Gordon Scorer, Chief Executive, London Wildlife Trust

Vine House Farm Bird Foods has been working with The Wildlife Trusts for the past 10 years, helping to protect and restore areas for nature and inspire people to experience wildlife first-hand. To date, Vine House Farm’s donations have totalled over £1,250,000, including over £14,000 for London Wildlife Trust.

By purchasing your bird food from Vine House Farm you can enjoy feeding birds in your garden whilst also knowing you are directly supporting wildlife in London and across the UK.

The funds received from Vine House Farm have allowed us to expand our conservation grazing programme to more of our reserves in the west and north of London. The habitats on these reserves can become dominated by bramble but grazing cattle help reduce the dominance of shrubs and coarser grasses, allowing finer grasses, herbs and wildflowers to increase in diversity, boosting invertebrate populations, and increasing bird and small mammal populations.

The increase in wildflower species alongside the docile nature of the cattle we use makes the reserves popular with locals during the spring and summer where visitors get to experience the joys of traditional English meadows.


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By becoming a member you’ll be helping us to protect wild places for people and for 13,000 different species of wildlife, now and in the future.


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Our nature reserves are a great place to start exploring your local wildlife and find out what wonders you have right on your doorstep!


Volunteer with the London Wildlife Trust

Our volunteers allow us to continue protecting and enhancing London’s nature – join this welcoming community to gain new experience and skills.


Leave a long-lasting legacy

By leaving a gift in your Will, future generations can be inspired by the wild spaces you love in London.


Donate to the London Wildlife Trust

As a charity, your generosity really does make a difference to London’s wildlife. We promise to spend your donations wisely.


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