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Tawny Owl Wooden Nest Box

This wooden Tawny Owl Nest Box has been designed to recreate a natural nesting site. Tawny Owls nest within large, deep cavities in old trees. and this Nest Box provides a great alternative to these natural nesting sites.

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Tawny Owl Box

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What makes this nest more suited to Tawny owls than other birds?

The shape and size makes it ideal for Tawny owls, though other species including Jackdaw and Stock Dove may also use it.

What time of year can I expect to find Tawny Owls or other birds nesting in this product?

Tawny owls nest early in the season, and will normally have selected their nest site by early February. Eggs are laid late February or into March.

Where is the best place to position the Tawny Owl Nest Box?

The nest box needs to be positioned on a mature tree which is in an area of woodland, a copse, or possibly a large and established hedgerow. The height of the box should be at least three metres from the ground and ideally four. For the direction, the entrance should be facing either east, north east or south east.