Vine House Farm - Renewable Energy

Renewable energy and Vine House Farm

At Vine House Farm we see renewable energy as an important aspect of life and indeed a key aspect of saving our planet. Our world is progressively being destroyed, and one of the ways we see of reversing this trend is by harnessing natural energy. Nicholas explains more about wind turbines and why we have them, plus our approach now and in days past to energy use...

Wind turbines and why we have them, plus our approach now and in days past to energy use – Nicholas tells the story


I would like to think that the wind turbines we have show the district around my farm that we are serious about renewable energy, but soon there will be several wind farms in the area and some of those are erected on the farmers’ land purely as extra income.

Of course there is far more to sustainability than just using renewable energy: We can use less energy by insulating our homes better, use low energy light bulbs, and make our car journeys more effective.

Unfortunately, modern cars are so comfortable even in the most foul weather that many people just go for a ride out in them and with no specific journey necessary – how things have changed from years gone by: My grandmother lived at the bottom of Dunsby Fen, and most Tuesdays they would take the pony and trap into Spalding, about an hour’s drive away. On arrival the horse would be disconnected from the trap, fed and stabled. The people who came in the trap would get changed before going to do their shopping, and the reverse would happen when it was time to go home. In those days journeys were planned far more carefully than they are today.

Since 1980 Vine House Farm house and office has been heated by straw or wood. In the 1990s it was a labour of love, and it would have been far cheaper to take the large boiler out and heat by oil but I didn’t as I know that oil will run out one day. You could say that that day is on the horizon. Maybe the rise in the price of oil over the past few years is a good thing as it has certainly made people think about other ways of producing energy.

We should think to the future. If we install solar panels or a wind turbine it may be a long time paying for itself and not be regarded as a paying proposition, but it could be regarded as an insurance policy or a pension. Either way it's the right thing to do and the world's dependency on oil will, anyway, eventually have to come to an end.