Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Grey squirrels are highly attracted to bird feeders. This includes both peanut feeders and seed feeders. If Grey Squirrels are a problem in your garden because they hog the bird food feeders and damage them, then products from our range of squirrel proof feeders will solve that problem.

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What are squirrel proof bird feeders?

We have squirrel proof feeders for peanuts, suet and seed. Our variety of squirrel resistant seed feeders and peanut feeders use a metal cage. This surrounds the feeder and protects it from squirrels. These kinds of feeders can also be effective if you want to stop larger birds from getting to the food. 

We also have Squirrel busters that work on gravity, with the food ports closing up when large birds or squirrels sit on the perches.

Both squirrels and big birds can frighten small garden birds, and stop them from being able to feed. Squirrels are also known to feed on different types of bird seeds. This means that, if you are feeding either straight seeds or seed mixes to your birds, you may also attract squirrels.

Grey squirrels can also damage bird feeders by chewing through them if they are made of all plastic.

What is the best squirrel proof feeder?

 At Vine House Farm, we stock a range of feeders that are squirrel proof. These include our Nuttery Feeder and Droll Yankee Guardian Feeder. These both allow small birds to get in and stop squirrels from accessing food placed inside. 

The best squirrel proof bird feeders are caged feeders. These stop squirrels from being able to access the bird food at all. 

You can buy peanut feeders, suet feeders and seed feeders that include a cage around the feeder. These cages allow small birds to slip through and access the food without being disturbed by squirrels. 

However, we also stock Squirrel busters that work on gravity, with the food ports closing up when large birds or squirrels sit on the perches. This feeder can be adjusted to allow only the birds you want to feed at your feeders, as the ports will close for squirrels and larger birds, depending on the weight setting.

What are the different types of squirrel proof feeders?

At Vine House Farm, we stock several different types of squirrel proof wild bird feeders. These are all ideal if you often have squirrels visiting your garden as they still allow smaller birds to access the food. 

These include: 

-Squirrel Buster Classic Seed Bird Feeders

-Nuttery Caged Bird Seed Feeders

-Nuttery Caged Suet Block and Fat Ball Feeders

-Squirrel Resistant Suet Block Feeders

-Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Feeders

-Nuttery Roundhaus Peanut Feeder

-Nuttery Lantern Squirrel Seed Feeder

As well as these feeders, we also stock ground guards, to place over ground feeders. These stop squirrels from getting to the feeders, but the gaps are big enough for small ground feeding birds to get through.

Why do squirrels keep eating my bird food?

Squirrels and garden birds have similar tastes when it comes to certain seeds and nuts. For example, grey squirrels will readily eat black sunflower seeds and peanut blends, which are favourites of many bird species. 

It can be difficult to stop squirrels from getting into your bird feeding station or feeder. They are very agile creatures and can easily climb feeder poles.

Opting for a specially-made squirrel proof seed, peanut or suet bird feeder can help to resolve this issue. These are built using cages, to stop squirrels from being able to get to feeder ports. If using a ground feeding station to feed birds, you can also use a removable cage that is placed over the feeder. 

Alternatively, we also stock Squirrel busters that work on gravity, with the food ports closing up when large birds or squirrels sit on the perches.

All of these options stop squirrels from getting access to feeding ports. They also prevent some larger birds, like Magpies, Rooks and Jackdaws from getting to the food. For those trying to feed a range of birds, it is advised that you include caged and uncaged feeders. This means small birds will be able to feed as well as larger birds

Do I need to stop squirrels from eating my bird food?

Grey Squirrels eating your bird food can cause issues if you are trying to attract wild birds into your garden. This is for several reasons. Firstly, it means that squirrels will eat the food faster and that you'll need to replace it more often. 

Secondly, it can cause damage to the feeder itself; squirrels often break feeders, including hanging bird feeders, when trying to access the food. 

Finally, squirrels can frighten birds -- especially smaller birds. If you are putting out food so that you can spot smaller, rarer UK garden birds, this can cause an issue. 

The best solution in this case is to use a caged bird feeder. These stop squirrels from being able to access your bird food, while still allowing small birds -- like tits and Robins --to access it. 

Alternatively, by introducing a Squirrel feeder to your garden you may actually stop Squirrels from eating your bird food. Because the food in the squirrel feeder is far easier for squirrels to access compared to most bird feeders, they will usually take this option instead.