Mealworm Bird Feeders

Live mealworms require a dish or a tray to hold them in, to ensure the larvae do not wriggle away and, for this reason, our mealworm bird feeders are designed using these trays. Some of our live bird food feeders also come with an outer cage, ensuring larger birds do not eat all the mealworms before Robins and other smaller birds can get to them. Our live mealworm feeders can also be used for other moisture-rich live foods along with dried mealworms and suet pellets. Live mealworm feeders for birds are ideally placed alongside a range of other feeders and feeding stations, such as bird seed feeders, peanut feeders and suet feeders. This means a wider range of wild bird species will be attracted to your garden. Browse our selection of mealworm feeders for garden birds here.

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