Ground Feeders & Bird Tables

Not all species of wild bird that come to gardens can use hanging feeders, so providing a bird table or ground tray ensures that all species are able to feed. Ground feeders will help attract Blackbirds, Robins, Pied Wagtails, Dunnocks and Collared Doves. 

Our range includes wooden bird tables and metal ground feeding trays. These are suitable for a range of bird food, including straight and mixed birdseed, suet, live mealworms and chopped peanuts. What's more, garden bird tables are a great way to watch birds more easily, as they often allow greater numbers to feed together with less squabbling as individuals don’t have to battle for a perch as they do on a hanging feeder. To ensure that no harmful bacteria develop on the surface of the bird table or ground feeder, surfaces must be kept clean on a regular basis

We offer several different bird tables and ground feeders, including freestanding, hanging and wall-mounted types.



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Why can’t I put bird seed directly on the ground?

You can put bird food directly onto the ground, though this can present some problems which include attracting rodents at night if all the food isn’t eaten during the day.

Which garden birds feed from a ground feeder?

The main species are Blackbird, Robin, Collared dove, Song thrush and Dunnock - the common factor being that all these species naturally get most of their food from the ground.

Where is the best place to put a ground feeder in my garden?

The main thing to consider is that the ground feeder isn’t too close to an area of cover - e.g. shrubs - where a cat could hide and then jump out and catch a bird. Other than that, just put it where you have a good view from your window.

How far from my house should my ground feeder be?

It isn’t really critical how far it should be away from a house, provided steps have been taken to minimise the risk of birds colliding with windows.

What sort of bird food should I put on my ground feeder?

Straight seeds such as sunflower hearts, seed mixes - though ideally husk-free as species like Robin and Blackbird can’t remove husks from seeds - suet products and in particular suet pellets, plus also live mealworms.

How do I attract birds to my new ground feeder?

Provided the ground feeder is in a visible location in your garden so birds easily see it, plus has good quality food on it, then local birds should soon find it.

Do bird tables attract rats and squirrels?

Bird tables can attract squirrels, though for rats the issue is more with ground feeders. If this is a problem in your garden, then the best thing to do is remove the ground feeder at the end of the day, store it somewhere safe, then put it back in the morning. This might not entirely work as rats are sometimes active during daylight hours, but typically they’re much more so at night.

Where is the best place to hang a bird table?

Hanging bird tables are best placed on a garden fence post using a suitable bracket, or, depending on the type, just hung from a tree branch.