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Bird Food - Vine House Farm

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We offer a wide range of high quality wild bird food, bird feeders and accessories and supply you direct from our farm. We grow as much of our bird seed as possible, and every sale supports the vital work of The Wildlife Trusts.

At Vine House Farm we offer you an unrivalled combination of superb quality, outstanding value for money and genuine environmental credentials. All three of these points have something in common: they’re driven by the fact that we grow much of our bird seed right here on our wildlife-friendly farm, then supply our customers direct. Looking at our high quality and outstanding value for money on bird food in a more detail...

You probably already know that not all bird food is the same, with a huge variation in quality across the market and with this not necessarily reflected in the price – i.e. expensive doesn’t always mean the best! At Vine House Farm we control the quality from the time we sow a seed into the ground, right up to the point we pack products like our mixed seed and send it direct to our customers. For products such as sunflower hearts, which we have to import, we’re very fussy about quality and always ensure we buy the best available for your garden birds.

With all of our operation right here on the farm, it means our costs are less than most other bird food brands – some of which have separate call centres, packing facilities and distribution centres. So less cost means lower prices on bird feeders, accessories, seed, seed mixes, suet blocks, fat balls and nest boxes for our customers.

And for our environmental credential...

  • Our entire farm – which is over 2000 acres – is run in a wildlife friendly way. So much so that we’ve received many awards for our visionary policies and conservation work.
  • By keeping our operation all at the farm, growing as much of our bird seed as we can and then supplying our customers direct, our carbon footprint is typically lower than that of other bird food companies of a similar size.
  • We give 5% of our takings to The Wildlife Trusts – a figure which we take the hit on and not a penny of that cost is passed on to our customers. Why do we do that? Because we think it’s the right thing to do and an extension of the philosophy which drives Vine House Farm Bird Foods.

Bird Seed – A Wide Range Available

At Vine House Farm our bird seed range is very large and covers both straight seeds and seed mixes. Many of the different seed types we grow here on the farm, with these including red millet, white millet, canary seed, naked oats, oil seed rape and black sunflower (though some black sunflower we do have to also import). Our bird seed mixes are expertly blended, and this following years of experience and knowledge gained through testing and research.

Bird Feed - For Your Garden

Of course all the effort we put in and the very reason people buy from us, is so that they can enjoy feeding the birds in their gardens. It is about the enjoyment but also the reward of knowing that providing the right foods, in the right way and at the right time of year, improves the breeding success of many bird species and helps sustain and even increase populations of even more.

So buying your bird food and other related products from Vine House Farm makes a whole lot of sense for some very sound reasons.