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Every sale supports the work of your local Wildlife Trust


for your garden birds


Every sale supports the work of your local Wildlife Trust

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Bird Seed Mixes

Our extensive range of quality wild bird seed mixes are ideal for table and ground feeding, as well as hanging bird feeders and use only the highest quality seed.

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Bird Feeders

We provide a wide selection of wild bird feeders designed to hold all types of food, including ground feeders for ground-feeding birds.

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Live Bird Food

All the live bird foods we supply from Vine House Farm are high quality and energy-rich, making them popular in both summer and winter.

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Learning about us

Why Choose Vine House Farm?

Wild bird food direct from our conservation award winning farm and at low prices. We farm with wildlife in mind and also aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible, by ensuring a low carbon footprint through selling our own and UK sourced products.

Our commitment to the Wildlife Trusts is long term and, if you buy from us, you’re also supporting their vital work. Take a look at how this amazing charity is helping the environment we all live in.

Why are we different?
We grow as much of our bird seed here on the farm as possible and aim to source locally for the rest.
Every sale supports The Wildlife Trusts, with over £2m raised to date.
We use high quality ingredients throughout our range of bird foods.

Bird Library

Keen to learn more about the different types of wild birds that you might find in your garden? Our bird library is full of carefully researched data and useful information on an array of species.