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This week sees the launch of a campaign by The Wildlife Trusts called ‘Action for Insects’, with the initiative based on a report into insect decline by Professor Dave Goulson (University of Sussex). Commissioned by The South West Wildlife Trusts, the report sets out how the decline in insect populations...

Stonechats must have had quite a good year as I have been seeing pairs and singles quite often on the farm during October.

Going back just a decade or so, if you didn’t live in the south-east of England then you probably wouldn't...

The 2019 State of Nature report, written by a group of professionals from over 70 wildlife organisations, has been published...

Goldfinches are busy feeding on the teasels and Burdocks that grow on our uncut margins.

If you haven’t done so for a while, then getting feeders clean is super-important to the health and survival of the birds which visit your garden.

Andrew Cooper, our guest blogger has been watching the butterflies in Devon

The wet weather had a diverse effect on our wheat harvest this year

As most people reading this will know, the songbird migrants which come to the UK to breed in the spring...

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