At Vine House Farm we only ever supply our customers with high quality bird food. However, to give ‘high quality’ some context it’s important to understand some facts about the bird food market and some of the foods sold within it.


The first thing to say about the quality of bird food on the market is that it varies enormously. This is especially true of seed 'mixes' where it's easy for suppliers to hide poor quality ingredients and even some which most birds don't eat. The worst examples, typically, are cheap mixes often found in pet shops and on market stalls, and contain all sorts of 'fillers' such as crushed dog biscuit and dried, flaked peas. On the face of it such products seem good value and are certainly low price, but actually they're very poor value because:

  • Some of the ingredients are not eaten by garden birds
  • Other ingredients often have limited nutritional value for birds
  • Much of the food will just go to waste and end up either rotting or the seeds in the mix will germinate on the ground below the feeder
  • The waste on the ground will attract rodent pests such as rats

So rule number one is: Don't buy cheap bird food!

Online suppliers of bird food

Overall, you can reasonably expect most bird food purchased from most online bird food specialists to be of reasonable quality, but it still most certainly isn't all the same. Again, this is especially true of bird seed mixes, though relatively poor quality straight foods such as peanuts and sunflower hearts are still available to disappoint unwary customers. It’s obviously difficult to establish the level of bird food quality looking at a website page, but be wary of very low prices and always check what the supplier has to say about where their bird food comes from and what their mixes actually contain.

Buy with complete confidence from Vine House Farm bird foods

We not only ensure that all the bird foods we supply are high quality and consistently so, but our unique position of growing much of the seed we supply means we have complete control over the quality at every stage of the process. So taking red and while millet as an example, we can control the quality from the time we sow the seed into the ground, to when it’s packed at our own facility here on the farm.

So buying from Vine House Farm Bird Foods means you can do so in the knowledge that you’ll only receive consistent high quality products.