Providing water

Providing clean water for your garden birds is as important as providing food and in all seasons - even in the wet winter months. There are two main reasons garden birds need daily access to clean water:

Clean water for birds to bathe in

Bathing is essential for most birds as it is an important element in keeping their plumage in good condition. This in turn ensures they’re able to fly well and therefore aid their chances of survival.

Clean water for birds to drink

Most birds need water to drink as there is insufficient moisture in their food to keep them hydrated.

Why the water must be kept clean

Ensuring the water is clean is absolutely essential, as water which is used for bathing can quickly become dirty and therefore be prone to passing on disease. In the summer months it may be necessary to change the water several times during the course of the day – particularly if you have starlings visiting your garden. They love to bathe together and as many times in the day as they can manage!

Provide water in the winter months

In the winter months when the water may become frozen, be sure to take out the ice and replace with clean water. Under no circumstances use anti-freeze, salt or glycerine in the water as this can be very harmful to birds.

Siting the bird bath in the best position

Bird baths can be on stands or sat on the ground, but in all cases position them away from vegetation and other areas cats could hide in – birds are vulnerable when they bathe as they’re fully occupied and their vision may be impaired when splashing.

Different types of bird bath

We have a range of different bird baths to suit all budgets.