Live Webcams

Feeding Live Mealworms

It is so entertaining watching our farm yard birds fight over the live mealworms that we put out for them. We use a caged live food feeder to prevent the whole lot being taken by the greedy starlings. This therefore enabled smaller birds to access the food through the bars.

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Farmyard Feeding Station

We have several bird feeding stations which attract a number of wild bird species to the farm. We’ve set up a live camera watching one of these feeding stations, which is at the back of our yard here at Vine House Farm, so you can see the birds that visit us and the different types of bird food we feed.

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Nesting Barn Owls

We have a camera set up in a redundant farm building watching our Barn Owls nesting in a tea chest set up in the barn. This building was once used for sterilising daffodil bulbs, but is now the perfect home for Barn Owls, as it also attracts voles and mice. The wide grass margins surrounding the barn are also ideal for hunting voles. Unfortunately these ideal homes for Barn Owls are becoming harder to find as more barns are being converted for human occupation.

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