As we reach mid-October, the reality dawns that the last of the warm weather is behind us and we are now fully into the autumn season. But overall, the summer has been a good one and few of us can complain about our weather over the last four months or so. It also looks like the favourable weather has helped our garden birds have a better-than-average breeding season.

So with thoughts of the shorter and colder days ahead, this is the time to start getting prepared for your autumn feeing regime and the inevitable increase in bird numbers to your garden. Where do you start? Well a good place is a look at your feeders, and to ask yourself the questions: Do they need a really good clean, or could I actually do with one or two new ones.

And of course, having clean feeders which are in good condition isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ but actually essential if the health of your garden birds is to be considered, because dirty feeders harbour and spread diseases and those in poor condition can be more difficult to keep clean.

So with that in mind, we’ve lined up a great value special offer on cleaning products:

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If you do need new feeders, why not take a look at The One Feeders that we stock? They are very easy to clean.

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