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Niger Seed

Our niger seed for birds is a favourite, with a number of wild birds being particularly drawn to it. Niger seed (also known as thistle seed or nyjer seed) is a tiny oil rich seed that has special oil releasing properties and is the favoured seed of the Goldfinch. Niger seed will also attract Siskins and Redpolls.

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Niger Seed

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What are Niger seeds?

Niger seed (also known as thistle seed or nyjer seed) is a tiny oil-rich seed from the sunflower family. 

Where does Niger seed come from? 

Niger seed comes from a plant called the Ramtil which is native to the highlands of Ethiopia. The Ramtil plant is actually a relative of the sunflower, though, and quite wrongly, niger is often referred to as thistle seed. Niger seed is still grown in Ethiopia for export, but much of the seed imported into the UK now comes from India.

Which birds eat Niger seed?

Goldfinch is the main species of garden bird which will be attracted by niger seed, though depending on where you are in the UK and the time of year, Siskins and Redpolls will also come onto niger seed feeders to eat the tiny seed.

What are the best ways to feed Niger seed to birds?

By far the best way is from a special Niger seed feeder, as the design of the feeder includes very small ports which ensure the seed doesn’t flow out, and at the same time allows the relatively thin bill of the Goldfinch and Siskin to easily remove the seed. Niger can also be fed from a bird table or straight on the ground, though in all cases it’s very important to clear up the husks of the seed once the birds have removed the heart, as a build-up of husks will become infected with bacteria which can be dangerous to the health of the birds.