Festive Wild Bird Photography

Update: If you enjoyed our array of festive photos, why not take a look at our 'Springtime' collection on Flickr?
Whether you fancy yourself as something of an ornithologist and amateur wildlife photographer or you very much 'dabble' when it comes to bird-watching, a stunning photograph of a wild bird in its natural environment is always a sight to behold.
At Vine House Farm, we are very lucky to have access to a vast library of such photos thanks to the farm's owner, Nicholas Watts MBE. Having worked tirelessly on the farm for many decades, in an effort to reverse the trend of farmland bird decline, he has been able to pursue his passion for photography alongside compiling a wide selection of wild bird images.
Rather than keep all these images to ourselves, and to inspire a new generation of nature photographers and provide a useful resource for conservation enthusiasts, Nicholas is making several hundred photographs within the collection freely available for use, royalty free. In the initial release of photos, we've grouped birds into easy-to-navigate categories, including a few of our favourites and a special festive collection for some winter inspiration.

spotted woodpeckers
collection of bird photos of jays
Collection of bullfinch bird photos


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