Oil Seed Rape

Rapeseed for birds is a specialist feed which has a very high and beneficial oil content - hence the seed’s other common name of oilseed rape. Rapeseed seeds for birds are mainly eaten by species of finch and bunting, which, because of the shape of their bills, are able to crack open the hard outer husk to get to the highly nutritious kernel inside. Reed buntings are especially attracted to rapeseed bird food, with the species being a surprisingly common garden visitor in some parts of the UK. The rapeseed we sell is all grown here at Vine House Farm, meaning we have complete control over quality and also ensuring you’re buying direct, and therefore minimising carbon miles.
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Are rapeseed seeds good for birds?

Rapeseed is good for certain birds which are able to remove the hard husk from rapeseed, with these being most species of finch and bunting.

How should I feed rapeseed birdfood to birds?

Rapeseed can be fed from a tube feeder, on a bird table, on a ground tray or directly spread on the ground.

Which birds eat rapeseed?

Species of finch and bunting eat rapeseed, with Reed buntings especially favouring it.

When should I put out my bird’s rapeseed seeds?

Rapeseed for garden birds can be put out at any time of year, but birds will most benefit from it in the winter months.