December might not seem the most obvious time to put up a nest box or two, but actually it’s ideal because even as early as January some bird species will start looking for a nest site – Great tits often being the first. In addition, nest boxes also provide safe and dry winter roosting sites for a host of different species.

If you already have nest boxes up in your garden and have researched what types for what species and where to put them etc. then you’ll know what’s best practice. But if you’re new to the subject or just want to check that what you’re doing is right, then have a look at our detailed nest box information page which will tell you everything you need to know – and more!

And here’s another thought… how about buying a nest box as a Christmas gift for a friend or family member? And if your budget allows it and you’re buying for a real wildlife lover, or, perhaps, a young person you’re encouraging to get more interested in wildlife, then how about a nest box camera system? Our Ultra High Resolution CCD Nest Box Camera System will provide literally hours of enjoyment and interest and over many years, and at just £129 is very good value.

So whether for your own garden or for a friend’s or family member’s as a gift, now is the time to think nest boxes. Browse our full range of wildlife gifts.