Spare a thought for the Swallows and other birds who have to live out in the elements and find food for themselves and their siblings in all weather.

They must have had to work hard in the recent wet weather as I can’t imagine there would have been many flies flying around.

Our last brood was still being fed by their parents at the weekend (22/23 September) and in a few days they will be just memories as they migrate south to enjoy the summer in the southern hemisphere.

Nature is so marvellous in the way so many creatures and their habits have evolved. Unfortunately we are just pushing wildlife to one side in our daily activities and wildlife is gradually disappearing. All of us I am sure can mention species that we used to see and no longer see. We must respect it all and look after it. If we continue to wage war with insects and our war is successful there would be no Swallows and other small birds.