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Super Suet Fat Balls

A tried and tested food in the Vine House Farm garden. Our advice is not to change to the lower volume suet fat balls, once you've been feeding the Super Suet Fat Balls - our customers frequently report back that their birds won't touch them.

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Super Suet Fat Balls

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What are Super Suet Fat Balls?

Also called fat balls, suet balls are typically made from animal suet and other fat which is mixed with further ingredients so the product keeps its shape and also to preserve it. A very important point to understand about suet and fat balls is that the quality varies hugely between suppliers – and the poorer the quality the less beneficial they are to birds. So if you see suet or fat balls for sale which are very cheap, then you can almost guarantee that the quality will be poor and specifically the percentage of suet in them will be relatively low. All the suet balls we sell at Vine House Farm are of course of a high quality.

What birds can I attract to my garden with Super Suet Fat Balls?

The main species will be Great tit, Coal tit, Long-tailed tit, Blue tit and Starling, and depending on the type of feeder you use Robin as well. For Robins, the main requirement is a feeder they can easily stand on rather than hang from – which they find very difficult to do – and this Fat Ball Feeder Ring is ideal.

What are the benefits of Super Suet Fat Balls from Vine House Farm?

Besides the high quantity of suet, Vine House Farm’s suet balls do not have the potentially harmful plastic netting usually found on fat balls, which eliminates the possibility of birds getting entangled in the netting.

How do I feed your suet balls to birds without the netting?

The best way is to use a special hanging feeder specifically designed for suet balls, and we sell a wide range of these including some with an outer cage to prevent larger birds such as Jackdaws getting to the food.