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White Millet

Our White Millet bird food is 100% home-grown at Vine House Farm. White Millet can be found in many of our premium and high energy mixed seeds. White Millet is suitable for seeds feeders, bird tables and ground feeders

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White Millet

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    Suitable for feeding on the ground or on a table

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    Feed from a seed feeder

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What is White Millet Seed?

White millet is popular seed for feeding garden birds, and as well as a straight feed we include it in a number of our mixes. The plant the seed comes from is an annual grass which grows up to 1.5 metres tall, with all the white millet we sell coming from crops we grow here at Vine House Farm.

How is White Millet Seed grown and harvested?

The process is essentially the same as for red millet (see detail on the red millet page), though white millet is harvested later in the autumn that red.

What makes White Millet Seed different to your Red Millet product?

White millet is simply a different variety to red, though in bird feeding terms it is more readily eaten by a greater number of species.

Which birds eat White Millet Seed?

Most species of finch will eat white millet, as will House Sparrows, Reed Buntings, Yellow Hammers and Collared Doves. Dunnocks, and despite being a softbill species, will also eat white millet – which they can do given its very small size.

How do I feed White Millet Seeds to birds?

White Millet is suitable for seed feeders, bird tables and ground feeders.If fed on its own, then our Millet Feeder is ideal