Lovely Local Lamb

It’s definitely spring when lamb is on the menu. We stock locally reared lamb from Moor Farm, Newborough, less than 10 miles from us & where all their lamb is born & fed. This means that it’s stress free & quality assured. We can take orders for lamb, as well as beef & Lincolnshire pork.

Ready, Steady… Get Gardening!

The warmer weather & sunny days have got us all thinking about the garden again. It’s wonderful to be able to grow your own ingredients, even small gardens or patios can have space for a pot of herbs. The entrance to the Farm Shop is smelling wonderful with an assortment of herbs, rhubarb & garlic plants grown locally in Spalding. We also have a selection of wild flowers which are perfect for attracting bees & butterflies in to your garden, such as the ‘Ragged Robin’ which offers a plentiful source of nectar. This plant also has many superstitions attached to it - centuries ago, men would carry a Ragged Robin in their pockets, to ensure success in love.

Don’t forget the birds....

Both the RSPB & the BTO now agree that garden birds can, or should, be fed all year round. This is largely due to natural food sources progressively dwindling over many decades, due to intensive farming, urbanisation & pollution. In the Spring, birds require a plentiful supply of food to help with successful breeding: for females the laying of eggs, & for both the male & female in most species, the rearing of young. Some adult birds will take the food you supply to their young, whilst others will provide their young with natural food sources & come to your feeders for their own food. The absolute best food to put out during the Spring to benefit fledglings is live food, due to the unbeatable combination of protein, fat and moisture. Come late spring, your efforts will be rewarded as you see the adults bring their new broods to your bird feeders and bird table.