As we often do, early last year we were talking in the farm office about different ways to give our customers more information on feeding the birds in their gardens, plus encourage new people in the joy of doing so. We were also reminded that, although many of our customers are true experts on feeding birds, there are just as many who are always looking to learn more. Plus, as far as we are concerned, wildlife is addictive; the more you learn, the more interested you become and the more you will want to learn.

So, having packed our website with lots of written information in the last few years, it occurred to us that a video which covered all the main areas of feeding garden birds, and also made something of a celebration of it, would be the way to go. As we’d got such a great reaction to the previous video we’d produced about our farm, its wildlife and how we produce bird seed, we’d call on the services of the same cameraman and producer - the acclaimed Stephen de Vere.

The first stage was to outline a script for Stephen, which gave him something to work on. This covered all the main areas we wanted to film – and there were some real challenges, such as close-up shots of a Coal Tit taking the husk off a black sunflower. Not only had we made the script a challenging one to achieve, it would also require filming over many months to capture all the footage required.

So, having agreed with Stephen what was needed, we left him to it for the next six months. Then back in January he shared with us the fruits of all his labour, we were thrilled with the results. In fact he has exceeded our expectations, and if you haven’t yet watched the short film (it’s about 10 minutes long) then have a look now and you’ll soon see why we’ve been so delighted with Stephen’s work. And if you’re one of our expert bird feeding customers, we’re sure some of the enchanting close up footage will really make you smile.

Watch our new video here