Our position of not jumping on the band wagon with Black Friday deals, is because we don’t agree with the concept of fuelling consumerism to the detriment of our planet. We also anyway don’t feel we need to, because we combine high quality with great value prices for all our bird food products throughout the year, plus regularly have special offers to further help our customers’ budgets.

We’re able to take this position on competitive prices and offers because not only do we grow a high percentage of the seed we sell right here on our own farm, but we also clean and process it here, mix it here, and pack most of it right here as well – and all our products other than live foods are despatched from here! This means our costs are typically lower than our competitors, meaning we can sell our high quality seed at very reasonable prices on an on-going basis.

And of course, our business model is in-line with our stance on consumerism because we’re also minimising carbon miles. To further explain this, most of our competitors operate a model which is reliant on importing much of their seed, having it cleaned and processed at one site, then transporting it to another for packing, then onto a further warehousing and distribution centre site.

So there you have it: no Black Friday deals, but instead high quality bird food at great value prices throughout the year, plus special offers to help our customers even more.