We were made aware of some false information in regarding the Igloo Hedgehog houses being circulated on social media in a negative way.

We understand that the person who initiated these comments had not purchased the hedgehog house and was unable to provide any evidence of any associated hedgehog deaths. We are now aware that this statement has been removed.

It is important to note that our Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog House does not have a “wire mesh” interior as stated. Unlike similar houses on the market which have an inner mesh lining and of poorer construction, our product instead has a heavy steel frame and a smooth waterproof membrane.

As you may be aware we investigate any complaint in depth and to this date we have never been told of a death in this hedgehog house related to construction.

On the rare occasion we have any reported issues we have a robust 5-point risk assessment system and investigate any safety issue with our products and then if fully conversant with a problem, we would always change the design accordingly and product test.

  1. We ask for photographic evidence of any issue.
  2. We then check that is our product.
  3. We refund and collect the product concerned to be tested and reviewed in our workshops.
  4. We seek evidence on the maintenance, siting and age of the product.
  5. We take in consideration the health and general conditions of animals or bird concerned.

After taking these stages into consideration we then decide if it is necessary to change the design and we would action immediately.

It is important to say these houses are not suitable for rescuers as they cannot be inspected without lifting the house which is not acceptable and we state this information on our website. We do however have other hedgehog houses for this purpose.

Over the years we have sold 1000s of units of this product and the safety of this house in relation to its sales volume is excellent and so are the many positive reviews.

8th October 2020