The Deeping St Nicholas Wind Turbines give £12,000 every yearto the village for a Community project, an Energy saving project or anEnvironmental project. Five years ago this barn was in a bad state of repairand money was given to repair it. In the Fensnot many traditional barns have survived as they are of no use to farmers. Thisone has a new lease of life so that Barn Owls, Kestrels, Tree Sparrows andStock Doves can continue to nest in it.

On12th September 2012, the committee that awardsthese grants met again and awarded money to repair the church and to help tocreate butterfly habitats on Vine House Farm. This involves stripping topsoiloff an area of ground on the south side of two hedges, then spreading a layerof dug gravel on that, sowing wildflower seeds and planting wild flowerplugs.

Although many of us don’t like wind turbines nearly everywind farm throughout the UKwill be giving money to their local communities every year for suchprojects.