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Straight Bird Foods

Straight Seeds - Premium Sunflower Hearts

We have a huge range of high quality straight foods for wild birds in your garden.

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Bird Seed Mixes

Bird Seed Mix

We have a huge range of high quality seed mixes for the wild birds in your garden.

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Suet products

Blue Tits eating berry suet block in a Vine House Farm suet block holder

We have a great range of suet and fat products for garden birds.

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Live bird food

Robin and Sparrow feeding on mealworms. Feeder is the Observer window feeder

Live bird foods and live food feeders for garden birds.

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Bird Feeders

Blut Tit on Peanut Bird Feeder

We have a wide range of bird feeders to attract a variety of species to your garden.

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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel proof seed feeder

Beat pests like squirrels with our range of squirrel proof feeders.

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Bird Feeder Poles & Feeder Stations

Feeding station kit

Quality feeder poles, feeding stations and accessories for feeding birds in your garden.

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Bird Feeding Accessories

Droll Yankee Seed Tray with Goldfinch on

Seed trays, perch rings, rain guards, hooks and fixings to help maximise your bird feeding station to attract many species.

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Bird Baths

Bird Baths

Bird baths can make an attractive addition to your garden whilst providing a source of clean water for birds to drink and bathe.

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Nest Boxes

Nest boxes

Nest boxes, camera nest boxes and feeder camer kits. Nest boxes and camera nest boxes for garden birds

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Wildlife Homes & Food

Solitary Bee Hive

Food for wildlife and wildlife habitats and houses for your garden.

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Bird Feeder Cleaning

Feeder Cleaning and Hygiene products

Keep your bird feeders clean with our range of hygiene and cleaning products.

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Bird Books, Photos & Cards

Wildlife and bird books, photos, postcards, greeting cards and gifts

A selection of wildlife books, greeting cards, postcards, photos and gifts

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Wildlife Gifts

Children's gifts and seasonal wildlife gifts

A range of fantastic children's wildlife gifts and seasonal wildlife gifts.

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