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Duck & Swan Food

Feeding ducks is a great way of introducing children to wild birds for the first time.

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Duck and Swan Food

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What is in your duck and swan feed?

Our duck and swan food is a combination of wheat, barley, oats and kibbled maize

What's the best way to feed this food to ducks and swans?

Our Duck and Swan Food should be sprinkled on banks and shallow areas. Our Duck and Swan Food should be sprinkled on banks close to the water's edge and in shallow areas of water where ducks, swans and geese congregate

I want to use this in my garden as I have a pond near my house with ducks. Is there a duck or swan feeder you can recommend?

No, the food is best fed as described above. Mallard ducks will occasionally visit gardens for food, even gardens with no pond, but generally speaking our Duck and Swan Food is intended to be fed away from the garden and in locations such as a local canal, local river or local pond or lake

What are the benefits of this food for ducks and swans?

It is highly nutritious for them, easy for them to digest, and replicates some of the natural food they'd normally eat

Why shouldn't I feed bread to ducks and swans?

It has little nutritional value and in large quantities and if fed regularly, can seriously damage the health of ducks and swans and to the point that it impairs their ability to fly. It can also be responsible for the spread of disease, causing pollution to the water (so when uneaten bread starts to rot down) and encourage rats