It gives me great pleasure to announce that Nicholas, the owner of Vine House Farm, and my father, has been nominated as a finalist for The RSPB Telegraph Nature of Farming Award.

What is the RSPB Nature of Farming Award?

The RSPB award celebrates the fantastic work farmers can do for wildlife. It is the UK’s biggest farm and wildlife award and is open to all farmers whatever their farming system. It is not about who has the rarest species on their farm it is more about doing positive work for wildlife. Farmland covers 75% of the UK, and is therefore vital for wildlife. Many species are dependent on farmland and of course, farmers are crucial to the long term health of the countryside. With farming methods becoming increasingly efficient many farmland species are struggling.

Nicholas Watts - 2013 Finalist

Nicholas’ love and dedication of wildlife are simply quite amazing. The time, effort and money that has gone into his research and conservation measures are phenomenal. Reaching the final we feel is just reward for his hundreds of hours work for wildlife each year. He constantly amazes me with the amount of energy and determination he dedicates to conserving wildlife. He not only monitors species on our own farm but also the whole of the local area, Deeping Fen- covering 70 miles each spring just to record what is breeding where. His work doesn’t stop there, by carrying out these surveys he can then see what is working where for wildlife, and he is then able to implement them on the farm here. This year, for example, he has started to create 3 areas for butterflies and insects on the farm.

Managing a farming business to be commercially viable and a haven for wildlife is not easy, but here at VHF Nicholas has shown that it is possible. For more information on the work that has been carried out here visit

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