Many of our customers will have watched 'A Wild Year: The Fens' documentary aired on BBC 2 Friday 10th July and we were certainly delighted with the extent that Vine House Fam was featured. We’ve had lots of lovely comments about the programme and specifically the sections which featured Nicholas and the work he continues to do on our farm for wildlife.

If you missed the programme last Friday, then it’s still available to watch on BBC iPlayer but as an outline of what to expect: The content gives a fascinating overview of how the Fens landscape has changed over millennia, with the impact of farming removing over 90% of the once wildlife-rich wetlands through drainage and cultivation. Despite this loss, the tireless work of people like Nicholas shows that a balance can be struck between productive farming and providing a home for wildlife to thrive.

Along with showing our sunflower fields and conservation initiatives such weed strips on field edges, we were especially pleased that Nicholas’ work to provide nesting towers for barn owls was featured, plus some lovely footage of him ringing young barn owls, helped by his grandson.

So if you haven’t yet seen the documentary, then set an hour aside and enjoy watching it on BBC iPlayer.