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Suet Bird Food

Our range of fat balls and suet bird foods are an ideal way of providing a high calorie treat in the cold winter months and are an ideal energy boost for the busy breeding season. We offer a range of suet foods for birds including suet pellets, super suet balls, suet blocks and suet logs in a range of different flavours. New to our suet range is the very popular Flutter Butter. We also offer a wide range of suet bird feeders to complement our suet food range. Visit our suet bird feeders page for our full range.

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Suet Balls

A high calorie food which a wide range of garden birds will eat, our Suet Balls and Super Suet Balls are best fed from a special cage feeder such as the Fat Ball Ring. Species that suet balls (which are also called fat balls) will attract include blue tit, great tit, great-spotted woodpecker and robin.

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Suet Pellets

Highly versatile and effective either on their own or in combination with other types of feed, our suet pellets appeal to a vast array of birds.

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Suet Logs & Sticks

A further option for feeding high calorie suet-based food to your garden birds is Suet Logs and Jumbo Suet Sticks, with both products having feeders especially designed for them: For the former the Suet Log Feeder and Suet Log Feeder Basket, and for the latter the Jumbo Suet Stick Feeder.

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Suet Blocks

A very popular option for putting out for garden birds such as long-tailed tit, robin and starling, Suet Blocks provide a high calorie food which is easy to feed from different types of cage feeder which hold the product in place and give the birds something to hold onto.

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Coconut Halves & Flutter Butter

The first of the suet products to come onto the market many years ago, Coconut Halves, which are filled with suet-based fat, remain a great option for garden bird feeding. The Flutter Butter is a far more recent addition and a popular choice to provide birds with a year round protein boost.

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