A few weeks back we had to report that most of our popular suet products were out of stock. This happened as firstly we had a huge surge in demand as the lockdown took hold, and secondly because our supplier was forced to temporarily close their manufacturing facility to give them time to put operational measures in place to better protect their workforce from the virus. With those measures now in place, we’re pleased to announce that they’ve been manufacturing again and we now have our core range of suet products back in stock – which are:
Super Suet Fat Balls in a box of 50 and a box of 150
Suet Pellets in insect and berry flavours - 12.75kg boxes only
Suet Blocks mealworm and berry flavours pack of 10 only

We also have stock of our standard suet balls, though currently we don’t have any half coconuts, suet logs or sticks.

Sultanas are a great alternative or addition to suet pellets

Something we talked about in our blog a few weeks back, was that sultanas soaked in cold water are a great alternative to suet pellets. That still applies of course, but with suet pellets back in stock you could also consider sultanas as an addition. The reason is that at this time of year with nestlings and fledglings being fed by adult birds, soaked sultanas are not only high in sugar which birds convert into energy, but the moisture in them from the soaking (thirty minutes is all they need) provides all-important hydration for young birds – which suet pellets don’t. Species which readily take sultanas are blackbird and starling, with the best feeding methods being a ground table, bird table or straight on the ground.

So please consider soaked sultanas at this time of year as an addition to suet pellets and other foods such as sunflower hearts that you put out for ground-feeding birds.