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Latest News Is farming to blame for the decline in farmland birds

This morning I read an article in the National Farmers Union magazine about the declines in farmland birds. The author was saying that as we are using less chemicals on our farms than we were doing 20

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Latest News Swans visit our fields

During the cold weather in December we have had a few extra Swans visiting our fields and they are still with us. We have had 7 Bewick Swans, pictured, and 3 Whooper Swans. They are feeding with about

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Latest News One in a million

One day in June this year my wife found a dead bird on Hunstanton beach with a ring on, she wasn’t sure of the species but without saying anything to me she sent the ring number to the address on th

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Latest News Disease causes greenfinch population to fall

Which birds are affected? Greenfinches are reported most frequently, but other finches and house sparrows are also susceptible to trichomonosis. Formerly, it was seen in pigeons and doves and some bir

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Latest News BBC Countryfile visit Vine House Farm

BBC Countryfile is a show about the people, places and stories making the news in the British countryside. It was great to have Adam Henson, the presenter, and the rest of the BBC film crew on the far

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