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Bird Food

We offer a wide range of high quality wild bird food and wild bird seed direct from our farm, that suit a variety of different budgets and gardens. Our range of bird foods have been created using the very highest quality ingredients available, often sourced from our own conservation award winning farm. You can be sure you are doing the best for your birds when buying Vine House Farm bird food. Please note that normal next day delivery isn't guarenteed at present due to the current circumstances.

Straight Bird Foods

Straight bird foods are those which are not mixed – so products such as black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, peanuts and sultanas. At Vine House Farm, we grow some of the seed and grain right here on our farm, and these include black sunflower, white millet and wheat.

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Wild Bird Seed Mixes

Bird seed mixes have the advantage of combining a number of different foods, most of which are seeds but may also contain other ingredients such as suet pellets. We have a wide range of these products, some of which contain seeds with the husk removed which reduces waste and mess.

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Suet Bird Food

Suet products for garden birds have become increasingly popular in recent years, with the three main types being suet blocks, suet balls and suet pellets. Our suet products are high in fat and therefore provide energy for birds, so include at least one in your bird feeding regime.

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Live Bird Food

Our British bred Live Mealworms and Live Wax Worms are an essential food during the busy breeding season, enabling adult birds to take moist and energy-rich food to their nestling family. Here at Vine House Farm, we supply the very popular Live and Dried Mealworms in range of pack sizes. Live foods, especially Live Mealworms, are a favourite of many species including Robins, Blackbirds and Sparrows. Due to their popularity we recommend that you feed them from a specialist live food feeder. We have a wide range of live food feeders available.

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